Front Office Specialist

Our Purpose:

To provide the highest quality patient-centered care while maintaining a warm and welcoming attitude. We will promote a safe and enjoyable atmosphere where each day we will work to improve individually and move the team forward.

My Duties:

  • I am the face of the practice – the person people talk to first on the phone and see first / last when they visit. Because of this I will work to always maintain a positive and welcoming attitude, and I will treat all patients respectfully.
  • Answer ringing phones whenever possible
  • Check and return messages
  • Speak with patients in both English and Spanish
  • Check / update patient insurances for the day
  • Maintain and know insurance fee schedules
  • Post payments/checks
  • Assemble and send pre-authorizations (for any perio, crowns, post, partials, and dentures)
  • Investigate old claims
  • Fill out work and school excuses for patients (OS, perio)
  • Schedule patient appointments – for either treatment or 6 month recall
  • Complete all appointments, bill all treatment done at the appointment, and send claims to insurance companies
  • Follow up with patients after completed pre-auths are returned. Then either get them scheduled back or point them in the right direction for additional treatment
  • Keep the reception area and front desk clean and free of clutter
  • Clean trash from individual baskets and take out to the dumpster each day
  • Open and take care of mail
  • Call and confirm appointments for the next 2 days
  • Create, review, and present treatment plans to patients
  • Batch the day's insurance claims through Renaissance
  • When all tasks are complete, ask a coworker that I can help with

Interested applicants should send a resume and cover letter to

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