Root Canal

What is a root canal and how do I know if I need one?

A root canal is a restorative dental technique intended to save a tooth that is severely decayed or infected. Signs that you may need a root canal include: serious pain in the teeth when eating or putting pressure on the area, sensitivity to hot and cold that remains even when the hot or cold food is no longer in contact with the tooth or the appearance of a small bump near the root of the tooth.

What is the process?

First, Dr. Monfredi will take an x-ray to evaluate the extent of the damage or decay in the tooth. Then, she will numb the area to alleviate any discomfort during the process. Anesthesia is used to help put the patient at ease throughout the process. Following this, Dr. Monfredi will drill a hole in the tooth, called an access hole, so she can reach the infected or decayed part of the tooth and root. Then, she will remove that nerve and the pulp of the tooth to rid the area of any infection or decay, avoiding any future issues. The tooth will then be cleaned and sealed, finishing the process. 

It is recommended that the tooth is then fitted with a crown to further protect it and restore your normal function. At Monfredi Family Dental, Dr. Monfredi uses rotary endodontics, which is technology that helps make the process much quicker and will allow her to complete the procedure more easily.

How long is the recovery?

With today’s technology and anesthesia, root canals can be completed quickly, efficiently and with minimal pain or discomfort. If swelling or inflammation existed prior to the root canal, the patient may experience mild discomfort for a few days following the procedure. This discomfort can be managed with over-the-counter pain relievers like Ibuprofen or Tylenol.


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