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At Monfredi Family Dental, we are focused on making quality dental care accessible for all patients. With our Dental Membership Program, you can receive the necessary dental procedures you need for an affordable price. We have pricing options for both adults and children. The full details of these benefits are below.

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What’s Included?

New patients will receive a comprehensive dental exam at their first visit. Following this visit, members of this program* will receive:

  • Two regular cleanings and two periodic annually
  • One set of bitewing x-rays annually
  • One full set of mouth x-rays per three years
Member Discounts and Pricing:

Members also receive discounts under this program, such as the following:

  • A 20% discount on emergency exams, x-rays, and gum therapy and periodontal maintenance
  • A 10% discount on fillings

The price for the year for this program is as follows:

  • Adult (14+): $250 annually
  • Child: $210 annually

*This program is nonrefundable and cannot be used with insurance. Payment is due at the time of service, and the plan expires 12 months from purchase. Honored only at Monfredi Family Dental. 


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