Dental Bonding

What is bonding?

Bonding is a method used to repair broken or decayed teeth that need more work than a filling can provide, but don’t quite need a crown. Bonding can also repair a chipped tooth, protect the nerve from a receding gum line, change the shape of a tooth and cover up discoloration.

What is the process?

Dr. Monfredi will numb your mouth and clean the tooth that will undergo the bonding process. Then, she will drill out any decay, leaving a clean slate. Bonding uses an enamel-like material to fill in the holes left from the decay or to ‘bond’ the broken tooth back together. This enamel-like material is tooth-colored, so it won’t be noticeable in your mouth. Dr. Monfredi will apply this material to the tooth and shape it so it matches the rest of the repaired tooth as well as enhances the remainder of your smile. Then, a special light will be used to adhere the bonding to the tooth which will complete the bonding process. Lastly, Dr. Monfredi will take any necessary time to shape the tooth so your bite is comfortable and natural.

How can bonding improve my smile?

Bonding fixes mid-level decay and broken teeth, so any issue that falls in those categories can be fixed by bonding. Broken or decayed teeth can also cause discomfort or inconvenience in your daily life. Since bonding repairs your teeth, restoring them to their natural shape and color, your smile can once again be white, full and beautiful!

How is bonding different from a veneer?

Bonding and veneers often aim to solve similar problems, but through a slightly different process. Bonding is essentially a simplified version of a veneer where your dentist directly applies enamel-like resin to your teeth and then shapes it, where a veneer is custom-made in a lab and thinly covers the surface of your tooth. Dental bonding may need to be touched up more often than veneers need to be replaced, but the process of bonding is simpler, quicker and less expensive than getting veneers.


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