Why should I get x-rays of my mouth?

Having x-rays done regularly will help your dentist monitor your teeth, jaw and head, making sure that no problems will arise. If there is a potential problem, having x-rays done regularly can help Dr. Monfredi find the problem and create a plan of action before it becomes something serious.

What is a digital x-ray?

A digital x-ray is a type of x-ray that allows the dentist to take an image of the teeth and view it through imaging software on a computer. The imaging software has many tools and is astoundingly accurate, so dentists can get a closer, more accurate portrait of your teeth and the surrounding bone structure. As an added bonus, this type of x-ray uses far less radiation than a standard x-ray, making it safer for patients.

What is a Panorex?

A Panorex is a sophisticated piece of imaging machinery that provides a full, or panoramic, view of your teeth and surrounding bone structure. Since dentists can see an entire image of your whole oral bone structure, a Panorex allows for further analysis of the mouth than normal x-rays. When getting an x-ray done with this type of machine, you’ll need to sit in a chair with your chin rested on a small ledge. The team member assisting you will then lower the machine around your head, and it will rotate 360 degrees around you to obtain the image. Then, Dr. Monfredi will review the image and identify any potential problems.


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