The Top 5 Reasons Why you Need Dental X-Rays

The Top 5 Reasons Why you Need Dental X-Rays


We get some version of the question about dental X-Rays at least once per day…


“Do I really need to take these Dental X-Rays…? AGAIN…?”


Short answer – yes we do!



But you’re probably just as satisfied with that answer as our patients who ask the question – not very satisfied. So, much like we answered the question of, “Do my kids really need dental sealants?” – we’re here today to do the same with X-Rays.


So, how about some context as to why we actually need to take Dental X-Rays 


1- Identify decay between and within teeth



Dental X-Rays have the ability to see much more than what our doctor and hygienists can see with their eyes. Much like Superman uses his X-Ray vision to see through walls, our Team uses our X-Rays to see if decay is hiding between teeth or within your teeth (both places we can’t normally see).


2- Monitor for bone loss



Periodontal disease causes bone loss and the best way we can check for bone loss is by taking an X-Ray to visually see changes below your gums.


3- Check for decay under fillings



Sometimes decay can sneak in under an existing filling. One of the best ways to see if this is happening is to take an X-Ray for confirmation.


4- Look for infection at the tip of the root



There can be cases where you’ll feel some type of pain that feels like sinus pressure or something similar, but we wouldn’t be able to see anything on the surface of your mouth. An X-Ray showing the tip of your tooth’s root could show us an infection before signs of that infection are visible to the naked eye.


5- Dental X-Rays let us examine the mouth before procedures


We need to know what we’re getting into before we start dental treatment. For example, if there is a visible filling on the tooth, we’ll take an X-Ray of the area before we just jump in and start filling the cavity. We do this because there may be some other issues going on below the surface. And the best way for us to determine if that’s the case is…


Say it with me, Team


To take a Dental X-Ray before we get started!    😉 

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