MFD’s New and Improved Infection Control Protocol

MFD’s New and Improved Infection Control Protocol   When it comes to treating patients in our office, there isn’t anything more critical than prioritizing your health and well-being. And that goes for overall health just the same as your oral health (which is our specialty). So, in light of all the recent news and information […]

Why Do I Need a Retreat and What Will Actually Happen???

Sometimes – rarely – a root canal doesn’t work the first time. Unfortunately, this ‘not working’ can present itself anywhere from days after the original root canal to years later. And when that happens, a common solution to fix the problem is to perform a retreat root canal.    What is a retreat root canal […]

MFD’s Weekly QuaranTimes – March 22

  MFD’s Weekly QuaranTimes – March 22   Well, hello there friends! We’re about a week into a combination of social isolation as well as MFD only being open for “emergencies” – we’re basically only triaging over the phone at this point, and we’re missing our patients! Anyhow, more on that to come in our […]

They Broke Your Dentist’s Jaw – Trust Me, She Gets it

  Dr. Moinca remembered, “…They completely detached my top and bottom jaw from my skull, moved [them] forward, and reattached [them] with metal hardware – titanium plates and screws… I wasn’t so much nervous about the surgery as I was excited to hopefully fix what was wrong.”      Every day in the office, Dr. […]