Chair-Side Dental Assistant

Our great chairside dental assistant brings over 5 years of dental assisting experience to her role at MFD. Marisol is commonly used as our floater, helping out our doctors and dental hygienists at different times of the day. She’s also a fluent Spanish speaker. So if you have an appointment coming up in the office, there’s a decent chance you’ll interact with Marisol.

Marisol’s message to our patients: “Here at MFD, we treat every patient with the best care possible. And if Spanish is your language, we have fluent Spanish speakers in every section of the office to give you the care you need in the language that’s most comfortable. 

When she’s not in the office Marisol loves to play soccer and hang out with Karla. She’s also a huge fan of both Halloween and Christmas, and she’s not afraid to teach someone a few dance moves.

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