Welcome (Back) to MFD! – Our Office’s New Welcome Video

We’re proud to welcome our patients back into the office!

Here’s a brief video we put together to let you know what changes you can expect while visiting our office during these times… with no change to the awesome customer service that you’re accustomed to.


You can click here to see our video



If you’re more of a reader – here’s our script

From Day 1, MFD has always prioritized the health and safety of our patients… And that didn’t stop when we were shut down during the early days of the pandemic. We used that time to take trainings, watch webinars, and listen to podcasts so that we would actively keep up to date with the most current information and guidelines.


In order to ensure the well-being of our staff, patients, and families, we have adopted some new practices that – at a minimum – comply with the current CDC and ADA guidelines. And in true MFD fashion, we want to take a minute to share many of them with you so that you can feel comfortable and safe with each trip into the office!


Here are some new things you can expect, with no change to the awesome patient experience we take pride in! 😉


When scheduling an appointment, we will quickly ask you a few health screening questions like whether or not you’ve had a fever or if you’ve traveled outside of the state recently. Your answers will help us determine when will be the best time to have you in the office. We’ll also ask you to head to our website (monfredifamilydental.com – spell out “Monfredi”) to fill out our new (short) Pandemic Informed Consent form


If you are a new patient, we’ll also encourage you to fill out your new patient forms on our website prior to your appointment. We’re proud to offer all of our forms (in both English and Spanish) as PDFs that can be filled out online and simply emailed over to our office.


During the call, we’ll also ask that only you – the patient – come to the appointment unless there is a need for someone else to come with you.


When you arrive for your appointment, please give us a call from your vehicle and we’ll let you know once we’re ready for you to head into the office. You will notice our clean and clear waiting area, as well as our plexiglass partitions… But don’t worry – the same smiling faces will still be on the other side!


One of us will be waiting for you when you head in and we’ll complete a temperature check before taking you back to your room. Once there, we’ll have a pre-treatment rinse ready for you before we begin.


In order to decrease in-person contact, we have extended appointment lengths and limited the number of patients in the office at any given time. You will find our smiling staff dawned in the highest level of personal protective equipment and you’ll also notice the confidence our Team has when accompanying you through the office. The truth is, we trained on our new patient flow for a week before inviting anyone back into the office… and it’s nice to actually talk with patients rather than the “imaginary friends” we were escorting through the office during that training week


During your appointment, you’ll notice that we are utilizing an entirely digital process, showing X-rays and other relevant information on our flat screens to eliminate the need for paper in your room. Otherwise, you should expect the same industry-leading care you’re accustomed to at MFD.


As we wrap up your appointment, we ask that you return to your vehicle as we complete the check-out process over the phone (:


We are optimistic that there is indeed a light at the end of this tunnel. Although we may find ourselves living in a new norm, when us Ohioans come together – we can weather any storm (:


We can’t wait to see you soon!

-Your Dental Professionals & Friends at MFD

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