How MFD Became What it is Today (Podcast)

How MFD Became What it is Today (Podcast)

We’ve written before about Dr. Monica’s personal dental history (the work that she’s had done on her own mouth) in this post: They Broke Your Dentist’s Jaw – Trust Me, She Gets it. But today we’re giving you a little extra insight into the origin story of how Dr. Monica got into dentistry, when she and Mike decided to buy the practice you now know as MFD, and all of the hurdles they had to clear to make this dream a reality. (Spoiler alert – the hurdles were many…)

So, if you’re interested in listening to Dr. Monica be interviewed by Mike (her husband and our office manager) on his podcast, they break it all down for you in the episode. We discuss her journey from a day where oral surgeons reshaped her young life with a grueling procedure, to her choosing dentistry as a career, running her own practice now, and everything in between!

Here’s a link to the episode on Apple Podcasts.

And here’s a link to the episode on Spotify.

Have a great week, all! We’ll be back next time with some great dental information to keep your smile beautiful.


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