MFD’s Weekly QuaranTimes – April 5 (Good Deeds, Song Lyrics, & Life After the Curve)

MFD's QuaranTimes

MFD’s Weekly QuaranTimes – April 5 (Good Deeds, Song Lyrics, & Life After the Curve)

OK – I’m not sure about the rest of you but since we’ve hit the 3-week mark of this quarantine, all feelings we held previously about ‘being on a vacation’ have since left the building. And as our immediate families have remained healthy (we’re knocking on wood profusely), I can’t help but feel like I’m a school-aged kid out on summer break. It’s completely surreal. 

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While our office is shut down and we’re missing hanging out with each other and all of you while at the office, we also realize that many others are still out there doing the great work that needs to be done. To all of our healthcare workers, folks in logistics, supplying us with food and needed items, local restaurants still open for delivery and carry out, and all the others – from MFD – Thank You. 

Entering Week 3 of this quarantine, we find ourselves researching what a return to ‘normal’ may look like for both our society as well as MFD. And whether it’s a quick Google search or some common sense, I think we can all agree that ‘normal’ won’t be what it once was. But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. As we experience challenges, we have the ability to learn lessons, innovate, and come out the other side better, stronger, and smarter than we once were. That is 100% the approach we’re taking at MFD. 

And so far in these 3 weeks, we’ve been fortunate to have learned a great deal already. With that being said though, there is still much to observe and to learn in these next few weeks (as Ohio’s “Stay at home” order is in place until May 1). So we will continue to monitor the current crisis, learn new techniques, and update you along the way in our weekly QuaranTimes posts. But we do want to give you a quick update now. 

We’re targeting a return to the office on Monday, May 4

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been triaging emergency patients via phone, text, and teledentistry (on a rare occasion), and we know that many of you have urgent dental concerns that need to be addressed. While the Governor and Dr. Amy’s stay home order is in place until May 1, we plan to use this time to prepare our office so that we’re ready to get back to treating all of your dental needs on Monday, May 4. 

And separate from urgent dental needs, we’re excited to open up our regular dental cleanings and checkups as well! After all – prevention is the best form of treatment! 😉 

If you’d like to get on our schedule for any time on or after May 4, please reach out via email (by clicking here) or by giving us a call to set up an appointment!


Please leave a voicemail message if we’re unable to answer the call directly, as we have fewer people answering calls during the shutdown, we will return your call as soon as we can! 

Thank you – as always – for being the best D[arn] patients in the land! We can’t wait to see you all again soon! 

But before we dive into our week, let’s catch up on the COViD-19 related news that impacts us all

March 30 – Governor DeWine extended the order to close schools through May 1 and then intends to reevaluate the order as May approaches. With the unknown of when the Coronavirus surge will come (and go) in Ohio, it’s difficult to make concrete decisions right now. So we’ll stand by and wait for more news to come in. 

March 31 – DeWine and Dr. Amy issued an order to take a statewide inventory of all ventilators currently in Ohio’s hospitals. They also ordered that this list be updated at least weekly. 

April 1 – Today we mobilized the civilian troops, in what sounds eerily reminiscent of tales we’d read from WWII times when auto plants were repurposed to make tanks or rifles. But today, we’re all organizing to craft surgical masks and ventilators. Like we said in our first version of MFD’s QuaranTimes – we’re living through a truly historical moment. In other news, Governor DeWine ‘asked’ landlords to suspend rent payments for 90 days to reduce the number of foreclosures and evictions… I’ll say that our current landlord has been great to work with, but previous iterations weren’t all that way. 

April 2 –  Well, the April ‘stay home’ showers are here and now we’re left to hope and pray that the May ‘we’re allowed to live somewhat normally again’ flowers will bloom. Translation – Ohio’s stay home order was pushed back through May 1. Also closing – sports leagues, swimming pools, wedding receptions with >10 people, campgrounds, and day camps for kids. So, basically, summer is closed for now… However, many marriages are rejoicing because fishing is still a permitted activity – “As long as proper social distancing is practiced.” Our heads are, “Bobbing up down, up down!” (That’s a Florida Georgia Line lyric…)

April 3 – “You get a clean mask, you get a clean mask, …, everybody gets a clean mask!!” Is paraphrasing what Lt. Governor Jon Husted said today when he let us know that Batelle will be providing all hospitals within the state of O-H free mask sterilization for a couple of weeks. We’re also beefing up our supply of COViD-19 testing materials so that more testing can be done, quick, fast, and in a hurry. 

April 4 – Grandmothers everywhere are cashing in on their “I told you so’s” as today our state’s leadership encouraged us all in Ohio to wear a mask while being out and about in public… even a homemade mask. Turns out that sewing is both an enjoyable and essential hobby, but now grandma will have to teach you via Zoom or Skype rather than the old fashioned way. The Governor also signed a telehealth order today helping increase the ability of our counselors and social workers to continue providing essential care in spite of the stay home order. (As an aside, we are exploring all options related to teledentistry and will report on that as soon as we have more information)

April 5 – Well, I was sitting, waiting, wishing but as it turns out, I was waiting in vain because the man in the mirror (didn’t get no) satisfaction. As it turned out, Mikey D. had a lazy day and decided to take it easy after banging on the drum all day (and night) for what seems like eight days a week lately. So today we got the silent treatment but we’ll keep waiting on a woman (Dr. Amy) because the sun will rise up tomorrow, and after that tequila sunrise – we’ll get another update to share! (Translation – Governor DeWine and Dr. Amy did not provide an update today, but we decided to have a little fun with that fact. Bonus points if you can name all the artists who wrote songs containing titles with the italicized words above!) 

Do you want to look at a few positives that may come from this worldwide pandemic?

I know I’m not going to complain about a few more positives in today’s world, so here goes!

  • The healthcare industry has been forced to disrupt itself in a matter of days and come up with a new solution. “Tele-medicine/dentistry/health” is 100% now a thing that I expect to remain well after COViD-19 has gone. 
  • Questlove, Coldplay, Brett Young, Miley Cirus, John Legend, … Pretty much every musician is performing some live concert from their living room and giving it away via YouTube or some other site. That’s winning. 
  • Worldwide emissions, pollution, and other measures of contamination are down sharply. This article (and many others like it) describes how Venice’s canals have been clear, air quality in China has improved, and overall pollution is down in many parts of the world. This has potential long-lasting benefits for the world we live in.
  • People are helping others by giving away meals to healthcare workers, taking food to the elderly, writing wonderful messages on sidewalks or posting them in their windows, just to name a few. What would a world with more kindness be like going forward?
  • Families are spending a record quantity of time together and I don’t care how frustrating some moments may become – these memories could be with our children for a lifetime. 
  • Folks are buying gift cards for restaurants, spas, and other local businesses. Even though we can’t visit many of these places now, these purchases may keep businesses open so that we can enjoy them again in (hopefully) a few weeks
  • We’re taking the time to learn new hobbies and skills! Ciera is back to making wreaths, Dr. Monica and Clara have taken up gardening, and Edith is testing her prowess in front of the camera! You have to start somewhere, am I right?

Let us know if you’ve seen a random act of kindness or some other “benefit” from this current crisis! It doesn’t need to all be doom and gloom. Let us know in the comments section below!

Now for the personal updates you’ve come to enjoy! 

Dr. Monica (Doctor and fearless leader) – I honestly may be in the best shape of my life after working out pretty much every day… and chasing these girls around! (Can we add, “Fittest Dentist in Ohio” to her business card…?)

Mike (Office Manager) – I made a comment to Dr. Monica the other day and I still stand by it – I don’t think I’ve ever seen as many people out walking dogs, riding bikes, and spending time with their families (but maintaining physical distancing) as I’ve seen these past few weeks. I know that people are feeling stressed about potential healthcare concerns with themselves or their loved ones, as well as obvious financial worries, but if we can make it through that – we’re going to be a physically healthier society going forward. It’s like the world didn’t like how the game was going so someone pressed the holistic “Reset” button and we’re in the process of resetting our lives now…

Briana (Dental Assistant) – I’m running out of things to watch on Netflix and Hulu… (We’ll take any suggestions in the comments section below!)

Ciera (Registered Dental Hygienist) – I’ve been exercising daily and going for walks in the park with my mom and sister while social distancing 😁. This part of social distancing has been a lot of fun!

Katrina (Front Office Specialist) – I appreciate all the teachers, of all grades. This homeschooling is absolutely no joke!

Rachel (Expanded Function Dental Assistant) – 

Ricardo (Dental Assistant) – You learn to appreciate the small things during these times, even something as simple as seeing other people. Personally, I’ve turned the necessary grocery shopping trip into a fun adventure!

Thank you all for stopping by! We hope you have a great “Week 4” and we can’t wait to check back in next Sunday. Until then stay healthy talk soon!


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